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Just postponed my thought to make a chat bot for our internal gitlab

I planned to make a simple chat bot for our company that notifies the person when someone assign him a PR in gitlab to review. Yesterday night I made a quick feasibility study and ditched my plan.

The internal chat system of Cubet is implemented in Rocket.Chat.

I made a curl (internal chat lives here) which resulted in:

{"version":"0.34.0","build":{"date":"2016-08-... }...}

When I checked with their docs, most required apis are implemented in or later v0.54.0 (our version is v0.34.0).

We can do some hacks by inspecting the network and find how the app send a message and mock it. But it doesn't worth my time.

I'll reconsider this once they update their chat system.

Time to hit F5 on some OS concepts

A lot stuffs happened during this break. I'll scratch em down here later cz it isn't time for it.

It's Sunday 2:30 am and I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't sleep in peace for the past 2 days as my mind has been haunted by an issue.
One of my hobby app is firing a lot of requests to the Google Cloud Datastore. Technically speaking, my app has been well optimized for least requests - and it is doing it right. It turns out the issue is normal: the more people uses the app the more hits on the Datastore and each hit costs.
Even though Google offers an economic awesome pricing scheme on Datastore, I've to account for higher hit ratio. I'm not rich, I've to fix this.

I'm thinking of some kind of a caching mechanism. I've found some npm modules out their, unfortunately they don't have the right balls. So decided to give a try to make a pluggable solution that works just like how the OS manages hdd-ram-cache stack on a computer. But, my app is not buil…

A final note to my Voldmort.

Voldmort is the name I given to my computer when I joined Interland 6 months ago as UXD. But personally, I'm more a MEAN stack developer than UX developer. Recently I got an opertunity as MEAN developer in a company at Infopark. So, today I'm signing off from Voldmort forever.

I started writing this post from Voldmort.
6 months he served me awesome in Linux. Running node in it was a breeze. I always kept it up to date and bugfree. "Oh my zsh" beautified my terminal so that I never get tired by looking at it. My desktop was clean and stupidly simple. I never had more than 5 icons on my desktop even though I had a dual monitor setup. It always gave me fresh new feel whenever I turn it on.
And when I'm wired in 🎧, story begins. It keeps me focused and distraction free. Thanks to SoundCloud, Sublime Text, GitHub, Node and Google (and ofcourse, java - I'm not gonna miss you 😂).

The one single jerk was with Eclipse, but still forgivable.

Big thanks 💜 to Voldemo…

Validate JSON within Node.js with is-good-json npm package.

This is a simple npm package to determine if the given JSON is valid or invalid. Again, it parses the given file in the proper format if it is valid. So you don't have to parse it by your own.

Visit is-good-json npm package.
Just #published another #npm package 'is-good-json' to validate a #json file internally in an #app. 👨🏽‍💻 — Vajahath (@vajahath7) December 27, 2016

Building node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform.

found this as very inspiring and informative.