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npm lme 1.2.0 is out !

I had published an npm package named lme, to console.log() better. (read the post)

v1.2.0 of the lme npm package is out now. This version covers some additional features for drawing lines and some support for node's default output methods such as trace and info. Thanks to @amandeepmittal for #2.

Visit the lme npm package.

Install / Update lme
npm install --save lme

#npm lme 1.2.0 is out #now with more features and bug fixes. — Vajahath (@vajahath7) November 23, 2016

lme: console.logging done right.

Visit the lme npm package.
I've been using Node.js for last 2 years. Till then, whenever I wanted to output just a "hi" it requires me to write the entire 13 char long console.log(). I'm lazy enough to write that hard.

It is even insane to find something that console-ed out to the terminal from a pool of texts. If you are using the morgan npm package, then it requires no time to fill up your terminals with loads of text. We need all. Morgan is a great tool for logging HTTP requests. How can we develop an app ignoring the outputs of Morgan!? At the same time, we also need out custom outputs.

Well, there is a great package called chalk. Yeah, it's wonderful with much color. So if you need to output something to console with colors, use chalk. But it takes even longer to construct your console.log() statements. You need to individually style each of your statements.

The lme package
To handle all these shortcomings, I just published a simple npm package named lme(sta…

Hello World in MongDB.

On 15th January 2016, Divin, one of my best friends sent me a message in Whatsapp.
Greetings from ICT Academy of Kerala,

We are pleased to invite your college to participate in the ICT Academy of Kerala’s Student Magazine to be released in 2016. Students may submit articles related to technology(all engineering disciplines), social innovation, individual and  group projects. The submitted articles which will be reviewed by ICT Academy of Kerala’s editorial board before incorporating it to Student’s Magazine . The ICTAK Students Magazine will be a unique blend of articles by students from your college and the industry. The best student article will be rewarded by ICT Academy of Kerala.
 Articles to be send to this email id: <divin's email>
 Please ensure the following steps to submit the articles.
 1)      Articles should be related to technology(all engineering discipline), social innovation, individual and group projects.
2)      Articles should not be more than 2-3 pages.