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Formia Screenshots - Google Forms Simulation.

Below are a some sample views of Formia:

You can download Formia here.

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Formia - A Simulation of Google Forms. Part 1 - My Experience

This time I would like to share one of the exciting moments in my life, in which I understood what the Client - Server Concept means and by the Grace of God, simulated one of the Internet Giant's product, Google Forms from scratch. I finished the project a couple of months ago. Here is the story. (and the project).


Install Formia.
What it is?Formia is an incredible web application for Massive Feedback Analysis.Developed on May 2015.More than 4000 lines of codes.Flexible.Well structured.This can be viewed as a simulation of Google Forms, a product hosted by the Internet Giant, Google.Service available in mobile, laptop, tabs. Languages Formia is constructed on 7 languages, including PHP, AJAX, JS, SQL etc. The Analysis part utilizes Google APIs which is one of the coolest (and hottest) feature.
Usability Formia is optimized for easiness. User friendly just like Google Forms. Heavily abstracted. Screenshots are attached below.
Behind the Scenes --
-- My Experience
A few m…

Formia - A Simulation of Google Forms. Part 2 - Download and Install

<< Formia - A Simulation of Google Forms. Part 1
OK guys, here is how to try Formia.
All you have 6 steps to go.

Download the project.Run the server.Create user.Copy the folder.Run initialization file.Good to go.Go to Github Page. Documentation/Report.

Install FormiaNote For My Personal Friends: When you finished installation, you will be prompted to create an account on Formia. Use your original First Name.The steps are also available at here.
Follow the steps below to install Formia.

Step 1: Download the Project
In 2 ways you can get the project

From Github: (recomended).Getting the files from Github is recommended because, you will be getting the latest version of Formia. Also it's backed up with a large community.
If you have no git installed on your device, no problem. You can download the zip of the project files from my github page. Look for the "download zip" button.If you got git software on you machine,Open command prompt / git shell.type git clone https://gith…