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One cannot judge the backend complexity by looking at the frontend.

I've seen people saying "this one is pretty easy to implement" by looking at the frontends of some awesome applications. Making frontend and user interface clean and KISS (keep it simple and stupid) is essential for an application to win the users. By that it never meant that it was easy. To make an app more user-friendly, developers has to write extra code to balance the "things" that they have abstracted.

For an instance, consider page. How simple and stupid that page is...
6 large letters and a text box. What else in it?! By that would you conclude Google is easy?

I do also have personal experience from a guy, who comments after evaluating our project of 5000 LOC that "is it only this much to do that? Child's play". He also suggested a new feature to add, which was a nice one. On the implementation phase of that feature, we pulled him to find a bug. And after spending 30 mins on our code his reaction - "Someone's callin…

Need a browser? Go for Chrome

Yesterday one of my friends asked me to compare browsers on PC.

I found Google Chrome's JS engine is more powerful than any other browser.
The 64bit-Chrome + 64bit-OS combination is an awesome experience (with a good internet connectivity).
Firefox is a nice browser. And Firefox Dev Edition is good for development. But Chrome is extraordinary, perfect for everything.

Unfortunately Kaspersky Internet Security sometimes block the the entire Firefox experience, which is a dark mark on both Kaspersky and Mozilla.

Safari and Edge are OK. But I can't prefer them over Chrome and Firefox.
I heard that Opera is nice for less data consumption (?)