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Showing posts from June, 2016

Lots of things during this break. And finally an npm package.

Well, lots of things happened during this break! Thank God, most of them were funny and good, except one can invoke curiousness ( I'll mention that in my later post).

I've been learning some UX principles these days as I got a job as UXD in a major company.
I'm gonna dive into Polymer. cz that's what's gonna save my time. Thus as the first step, I published an npm package which is a Polymer custom element. Good news is version 1.0.9 of the element is out today.

Even though the package is not intended to blow your mind, it helped me to understand the basic polymer principles. So I invite you guys to give a try there. The documentation is also provided with the package.

Save a lot by modularizing your CSS.

I recently published an article on facebook discussing a good practice in CSS that we should follow.

At my baby steps in designing (mm may be 3 yrs ago) I wrote a new class for each element and styled them. The funniest thing was most elements had the same style. First styled a class, then copy-pasted to a dozen times. Finally I used to look at them and think "God! I wrote this much!", in which most of them are repetitions which are ctrl+vd. Those days were the funniest..

When I learned Bootstrap, I really liked the way they modularized their CSS. Then I started doing that modularization my own.
Now here is a note for kids who are getting started.