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How to keep a user logged in?

Hi everyone,
Let's prepare some Cookies this time...

I've been searching for a secure method for keeping a user logged in. You knew that's easy by keeping sessions in server side. Well, I'm not referring that scenario.

You must have seen many "remember me"s just like the one in the figure.

This time I'm gonna share some insights of remembering the user after he leaves the current session.
But, hey! Do you like Cookies ? Well, I know that's an ambiguous question. Anyway we're going to prepare some Cookies and coffee. Nice combination, right? Actually coffee helps me to create Cookies, mentally.
One insane thing here is no one else will be able to taste your Cookies, but you. And that's a necessary thing for adding security to your system.
Let's start overflowing from the Stack
I noticed this discussion on Stackoverflow, which essentially gives you some kind of... i don know... pleasure!? But there is a possibility of leakage, I think. That…

A tiny update from Bangalore