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Program to check weather a number is amstrong or not.

Hi guys,

This is a simple cpp program to check weather a number is amstrong or not.

A number is amstrong if the sum of the cubes of the digits of the number is the same number. Thus as a common example we use the number 153.

the total will be 1+125+27=153 ,the same number.

In the program, we:

  • input the number to be checked.
  • extract each digits from the number.
  • take cubes.
  • add up.
  • check the result with the given number.
  • display the result.

Now try the program given below:


class dom
int dgt,dum,flag;
void get()
cout<<"Enter the digit:";
void check();
void disp()
if(flag==1) cout<<"\n Awesome! Amstrong";
else cout<<"\noops! not *_* TRY AGAIN";

void dom::check()
int q,sum=0;
while (dum!=0)
if (sum==dgt) flag=1;
else flag=0;

void main()
dom obj;

Good luck.


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