I'm already connected to internet. But it shows I'm NOT! Please Fix ...

[this post serves as a reference to my questions in some web communities.]

Hello guys.
I posted this question on some web communities, and this post serves as a reference to them. If you know any fix, just comment here. It would be useful to the people who google the same problem.

A picture worth more than words.

Network Problem : click to enlarge.

  • My Windows 7 PC says it's mot connected to the Internet. The bottom right icons and menus shows the same. ( see the figure )
  • But still I can browse, visit websites and do anything.
  • I was ignoring this problem for a few weeks since there was no problem to access internet through my browser.
  • I came to know that some advanced functions are disabled in this mode.
  • I thought the problem is with the router in my home. The problem persist even after the modem reset.
  • Please answer if you have any fix ?
  • OR tell me how to reset the entire network settings in my PC ?
Update (9/9/15) : The problem has fixed with the most terrific method. I made a RESET on it.
No problems found on Windows 7.  I got upgrade to W10.

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