How to optimize web pages across the browser.

Google Chrome is my favourite browser. It has given immense developer features.
When I opened my first web page on Firefox for the first time, it disappointed me.
I found some length, padding, margin, font etc. mismatches.
The pages which correctly rendered in Chrome were not that much accurate on any other browser.
It was because of the default values stored in them. Different browsers may have different default values for them. I used Google Chrome to develop my website - thus chose values for margin, padding etc. in a way that it balances the default values. Those chosen values cannot balance the default values stored in other browsers.

Mainly there are 2 solutions.

You should use one of these solutions while developing a website.

1. Use a css reset.

The simplest method is to use a CSS reset.
here is one..


2. Use a framework.

Using frameworks are one of the best choices. They offer fast development and responsiveness.
Most popular frameworks are Bootstrap and Foundation.

Polymer from the Internet Giant!

Recently Google released Polymer 1.0 which is a UI designing 'stuff" based on web components. In my opinion this is the one which is going to rule the web soon.

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