Instructions for Executing the Java Program.

  • If you don't have JDK in your system, then first you need to download and install Java Development Kit.
  • Instructions to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL JDK.

    Instructions for Executing the Java Program.

  1. Locate the class in which the main() function is present.
  2. Save the program in the name of the class with an extension (*.java). In this example the progm should be saved as ‘’.
  3. Open the cmd [Command Prompt] and set the address of the saved progm.
  4. Type ‘javac <file_name>’ –enter. [e.g.: javac] If any errors are there, that will be displayed here.
  5. After correcting all the errors, Save the progm again and compile.
  6. Now type ‘java <file_name_without_extention>’ [e.g.: java Test ].
  7. Your program is now executed.

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